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Transfer your number

Bringing your current number to Lycamobile has never been easier before. To transfer your number:

In order to port your number, your Lycamobile SIM card must first be activated! To activate your SIM simply insert it into your mobile phone and an SMS will arrive with a temporary number. You can then use this temporary number while we process your number port.
You then need to register you SIM online to complete the port-in process. (Registration details and port-in request details should match otherwise the port-in will not be successful).
Once you have registered you will need to fill in our Online Porting Form with your existing mobile number and details. Please ensure the details match. The porting process takes between 1 and 3 working days.*

If your number has not been ported within 3 working days please contact Lycamobile customer services on 071303332 immediately so we can help to complete the port as soon as possible.
Check your port-in status here
Please note: If you experience problems filling in the form, call Lycamobile customer care 071303332 for more help. As per regulatory the time period for port in is 3 working days.

Please send the POA form to the below address if you are porting from Telia or Call me.

Lycamobile Europe Limited,
Sydmarken 32F , 1 SAL
2860 Søborg

You can also scan the form and send it to our e-mail address:

Please note: Both SIM cards have to be registered under the same personal details. If your existing SIM card has not been registered yet, please contact your existing provider.

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