Lyca Mobile’s Black Friday Blitz: Choose Your Perfect Plan!

24 November, 2023 by Aafiya Saba
Lyca Mobile’s Black Friday Blitz
Lyca Mobile’s Black Friday Blitz: Choose Your Perfect Plan!

Lyca Mobile is offering Black Friday deals on two mobile plans:

  • 50GB + 30 hours new customer plan: Kr 49, – per month for 50GB data, 30 hours voice in DK, unlimited Lyca to Lyca calls and SMS, inclusive EU data, and international minutes.
  • All-in-One 200GB Plan: 59 kr. per month for 200 GB of data, unlimited calls to multiple destinations, and a host of additional perks, including EU roaming data, an E-SIM option, and a personal hotspot.
  • Both plans offer seamless connectivity, streaming, and sharing without data restrictions.
  • There are no contracts, so you can change or cancel at any time.
  • There is no credit check required, and you can keep your number.
  • 4G is available at no extra cost.
  • The E-SIM-SIM option is also available.

Embrace the festive spirit with Lyca Mobile’s Black Friday deals. This season, Lyca Mobile is unwrapping a special deal that promises not just savings but a tailored experience. Enjoy exceptional connectivity and upgrade to these exciting plans that won’t strain the budget. Amidst the holiday buzz, the spotlight falls on a pivotal decision – the choice between Lyca Mobile’s 50 GB + 30 hours plan for new customers or the comprehensive All-in-One 200 GB + Unlimited voice deal.? Are you someone who is looking for a simple and fixed pricing plan for the 50GB+30 hours of voice or who wants to indulge in the abundance of data and perks of the All-in-One 200GB+unlimited voice deal? The decision is yours, and the Black Friday savings are too tempting to ignore. Read further to unravel the details, helping you make the perfect choice for your upgraded mobile experience this Black Friday season.

Unveiling a World of Possibilities with Two Unbeatable Plans

At Lyca Mobile, we understand that individual needs vary, and that’s why we’ve crafted two exceptional mobile plans to cater to diverse preferences. Let’s explore these gems that will transform your mobile experience:

Plan 1: 50 GB+30 hours New Customer Plan

Are you a new Lyca Mobile customer looking for a simple and affordable plan? Look no further than our 50 GB+30-hour New Customer Plan! With a generous 50 GB data allowance, unlimited Lyca to Lyca calls and SMS, and inclusive EU data and international minutes, you’ll stay connected seamlessly without breaking the bank.

Fixed Pricing, No Surprises

We know you love predictability, so we’ve locked in this incredible offer at an amazing price of just 49 kr. No hidden charges, no surprises—just consistent monthly costs that align perfectly with your budget. Enjoy the freedom to connect without worrying about unexpected bills.

Plan 2: All-in-One 119 – 200 GB + unlimited voice Plan

For those who demand the ultimate in data indulgence, our All-in-One 200GB plan is the answer. This comprehensive deal boasts a whopping 200GB of data allocation, unlimited calls to multiple destinations, and a host of additional perks, including EU roaming data, an E-SIM option, and a personal hotspot.

Six-Month Price Discount

Get ready to experience a mobile revolution with our exclusive Black Friday price discount. For six whole months, you’ll enjoy generous data and communication benefits at a fraction of the usual cost. This limited-time offer is too good to miss! Click here to check if the country you are looking out for is in the eligible list.

Why Choose Lyca Mobile?

Lyca Mobile is more than just a mobile service provider; we’re a global family that connects people across borders. We’re renowned for our commitment to quality connectivity, customer-friendly services, and expansive network coverage. With Lyca Mobile, you’re not just a customer; you’re part of a movement that brings people together.

Choose the Perfect Plan

When selecting your ideal mobile plan, it’s important to consider your unique preferences and usage patterns. Whether you lean towards the simplicity of the 50GB + 30 hours plan or the comprehensive offerings of the 200GB + unlimited voice deal, tailoring your decision ensures a personalized and satisfying choice.

Don’t Miss Out on Black Friday Savings

The countdown to Black Friday is on, and so are the exclusive discounts and benefits. Remember, these super offers are available to seize the opportunity to upgrade your mobile experience at unbeatable prices.

Now and Unleash Your Mobile Potential

The stage is set, and you’re the star. Choose your plan, make the most of the Black Friday discounts, and elevate your mobile experience today. With Lyca Mobile, you’re not just connecting; you’re embracing a world of possibilities.